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I have covered the main ways to get a cape for free, and also paid, in this blog. Whenever new resources or methods come out I will be sure to update immediately, so make sure to follow me!

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Buying Minecraft Cape Codes on Ebay

Another way to get a cape on your account is to buy one legitimately. If using a generator is against your morals or you just don’t feel comfortable, then you can take this route – but beware – this is expensive!

Simply all you have to do it go on over to ebay.com and search for ‘Minecraft Cape Code’. You should see a couple results come up.


as you can see here, someone is selling a 2013 Minecon cape for $399. If you care that much then you can purchase it and add it to your account.

This is also extremely retarded because you could just use a generator the get the exact same cape for free in 5 minutes. I personally don’t understand why anyone would want to buy a cape, but some people do.

(Look for my previous post on Free Cape Generators)

Please don’t be that dude and waste $399 on a cape.

Another Generator Worth Your Time

Here is another cape adder that you may want to look at

It is very similar to the video posted before, but the programmers of the generator have created a new website where users can pick their cape of choice.

You can either pick any of the minecon capes, an optifine cape, or a MC developer cape.

There is no download necessary, all you have to do is enter your username and then pick the cape.

If you dont want to watch the video, you could always go to the site directly: howtogetacapeinminecraft.com

It makes me happy to see that these programmers have stepped up their game, and are offering all their time and services for free. all they ask is for you to complete a quick offer, which takes less than 5 minutes.

Less get a round of applause for them!

Free Minecon Cape Codes and Free Optifine Capes – Minecraft Cape Generators

If you have already tried to get a free Minecraft cape, you may have run across some cape generators or adders online. Some of them may have worked, and some probably didn’t.


Unfortunately, a lot of these generators and fake. There are only a couple that have credibility.

I have used and tested over 10 of the most ‘popular’ Minecraft cape generators, and the best one is definitely at How to get a cape in Minecraft for free . The cape hack is also online so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything sketchy!

This specific generator can apply any type of minecon cape free, or apply a free optifine cape. With this specific generator you can even apply an MC Developer cape to your account. Wherever you go ingame you will be sure to gain respect from other players.

I used this specific generator to get my cape, and I chose to put the MC developer cape on my account. People see my cape and constantly give me free stuff, and want to do everything for me – it’s great.

The owner of the website does ask you fill out a quick offer, but this is easily worth it for the value you receive.

Alternatively, if you want a free minecraft cape but that website is blocked in your country, there is a video that guides you step by step on how to add a cape to your account.

I have several friends who have used the video above to get their cape, and this one works too! Just check out both and see which you would prefer to use.

There is of course a disadvantage to this type of cape! You can only choose designs that are actual Mojang capes in the game. This includes the Minecon capes, Optifine cape, and the MC developer cape. The obvious upside to using one of these generators is that everybody can see your cape. You also don’t have to install any tedious mods, and neither does anyone else to see it.

The people who make these generators are experienced programmers who have found exploits in the code of Minecraft. They ensure that your account is at no risk if you use their services.

So there you have it! Through my journey this is the information that I have accumulated that will be useful to you. I expect to get many questions on this topic, so If you have any questions just leave a comment, or email me by checking out the contact page.


Getting a Cape with Mods

There are several different types of capes you can get. In this post, I will be going over how to get one with mods. This type of cape is the easiest to get, but other people can not see your cape unless they also have the same mod.

However, there is an advantage to this. You can design whatever you wish on your cape. Want a diamond on it? You got it. Want a 12 inch delicious turkey sub? You got it. Want Obama’s face on your cape? You can put it on there.

Getting a cape on your account with mods is better if you just want to see a cape on yourself and enjoy the look of it.

The best mod to get is called MC Capes Mod


You can download it at the link above. On the website look for how to install it and it will guide you step by step.

You can then upload your cape by going to the website and selecting one, or designing it in Paint and then uploading it.


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